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9 thoughts on “ Hash Pipe

  1. 1. A small pipe used to smoke hashish. 2. An awesome Weezer song about a transvestite hooker/junkie (seriously. I couldn't make that up).
  2. I learned that this song "Hash Pipe" was a #2 hit for Weezer on the Modern Rock charts at Billboard & million-seller. I've always thought it was a fun song, despite it being about a hash pipe & the transvestite homo prostitute. Man, Rivers really threw in a lot of wild stuff into this song, but it turned out just fine.
  3. Just like smoking cannabis flowers, a pipe can be used. Take a small piece from the bubble hash ball and place it into a pipe, with or without marijuana buds.
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  6. Cheebas Hand Made Hash Pipe. Being the King of Hash brings responsibilities, great hash, a great selection, and a love for enjoying the product. So we met with glassblowers right here in BC Canada and commissioned a hand made hash pipe with input from our hash loving team and now we can bring that process to you. Life is good, enjoy. ×.
  7. Wooden pipes: The wooden pipes are classic and afforable. Each pipe has its own type of wood. This makes every pipe unique and bringing each an unique smoking experience. Advantages of glass pipes. First of all the glass pipe is easy to use and do not heat up, like other pipes made from metal. Secondly you can see the smoke fill the chambers.
  8. Welcome to Hash Enterprises The makers of Hash Pipes. We are a family run business producing American Made slip on mufflers for your Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycles. We believe that we have the product you are looking for to increase your horsepower and torque.
  9. The band's record label did not want to release "Hash Pipe" as the first single, because of the song's content, so, the band had to fight for its release. The opening line, "I can't help my feelings, I go out of my mind", is taken from The Beatles' "You Can't Do That". MTV .

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